Speakers’ information

 The invited talks are 40 minutes including 5-10 minutes of discussion. The contributed talks are 20 minutes (including 5 minutes discussion). Speakers are requested to check in with the session chair five minutes before the session begins.

The conference room is equipped with overhead projector, data projector, VHS playback, DVD playback, audio playback, microphone, and wireless network. We will provide a Windows laptop with Office 2007, which may be used for your presentation. However, feel free to bring and use your own laptop, which can be connected to the projector at the front of the room.

On-site facilities

There will be Wi-Fi access on campus. On checking in, you will be given two forms. One of these should be filled out with your information, while the other contains information on how to connect to the University network. You will have to set a proxy server to automatic proxy and URL http://www-config.strath.ac.uk/proxy.config. It is also be possible to use Eduroam, details of which should be available at your home institution.



  • If you need to contact us about the meeting please email ucpatphys.strath.ac.uk.




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