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Conference dinner

The conference dinner will be held on Thursday 30 October at Corinthian restaurant, 191 Ingram Street Glasgow. This is approximately 10 minutes walk from the department on the other side of George Square. Dinner will be served at 8pm but guests are asked to meet in the bar at the restaurant no later than 7.30 pm. The meal itself is complimentary due to generous sponsorship by Coherent and each table will be allocated one bottle each of red and white wine. Should more be required then guests are welcome to order extra wine at their own expense.

Dinner will be:

Scottish Smoked Salmon
With a Caper & Lemon Dressing

Pan-Fried Chicken Breast Stuffed with Haggis
Set on Bubble & Squeak, Served with Spring Greens and an Arran Mustard Café au Lait Sauce

Classic Raspberry and Drambuie Cranachan
Served with Shortbread

Coffee & Wee Sweeties
> 1 dram pp to be served with coffee

House red & White wine
> ½ bottle per person

Vegetarian menu options will be made available for those who require it (9 known vegetarian, 1 gluten free meal). If you have not already let us know that you require a vegetarian option, please do so well before the conference.

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