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17 October

Slicing up conference badges...

30 October

Start of the conference. The 98-seat conference room was pretty much packed

Prof Allister Ferguson Deputy Pricipal opening the meeting. Allister founded Microlase Optical Systems Ltd, whci is now Coherent Scotland Ltd.

Erik Nibbering (max Born) trying hard to keep Robin Hochstrasser to his schedule...much to the latter's dismay.

Coffee break

Kitsakorn Locharoenrat, Gregor Welsh, and Scott Campbell at the posters.

From left to right, Steve Meech (U. East Anglia), Peter Vöhringer (U. Bonn), and Gavin Reid (U. Leeds) at the posters.

Listening attentively to Charlie Schmuttenmaer from Yale talking about terahertz spectroscopy.

Angus Bain (UCL), Charlie Schmuttenmaer, Peter Vöhringer, and Gavin Reid in the Blackfriars pub for a pint before dinner.

Neil Hunt and Steve Meech in the pub.

Conference dinner in the Corinthian restaurant. From left to right, Angus Bain, Casey Hynes, Carol (Robin's wife), and Robin

A table with (in the middle) Erik Nibbering.

Another table with left Heike Arnolds (U. Liverpool) and centre Martin Volk (also U. Liverpoole and a former postdoc of Robin's)

Last table. On the right Thomas Elsaesser (Max Born) and David Klug (Imperial).

31 October

Talk by Peter Hamm (U. Zurich)

Everybody is listening intendly to Peter

Mischa Bonn (AMOLF) was moving around too much to get a sharp picture...


Everybody (except perhaps sleeping Angus...) is spellbound by Thomas Elsaesser's talk.

During the lunch break, we had the Annual General Meeting of the Molecular Physics group of the IoP. Here's David Klug.

Too much movement...the two Coherent poster prizes (a bottle of Talisker whisky each) went to Nina Schwalb (U. Kiel) and Minako Kondo (U. East Anglia)

Casey Hynes talking animatedly.

Erik Nibbering's talk about H30+

Maxim Pshenichnikov

Maxim, Neil, Erik, Charlie, and KW in the Horshoe bar in Glasgow.

1 November

Prof Schmuttenmaer introducing himself to the locals of East Glasgow and exchanging details of their respective websites.